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DropTrax 3.5

DropTrax System v3.5
Sold & Supported by C Lazy G

  • Manage / Secure your Drop & Count from the Floor to the Countroom!
  • Instant Security & Operations Reports in the Room!
  • Print G&D, Cummins-Allison, Glory and other Control Documents
DropTrax Main GUI

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Gaming and Financial Markets

For tracking BV boxes & coin buckets, and for printing ID tickets, header cards or trailer cards for currency counting operations in gaming properties, Mpact, Inc. developed DropTraxand LabelTrax barcode based Drop Management, and Count I.D. and/or header card printing systems for Casino Drop Teams and Count Teams.

Supporting casino drop and count needs for over ten years, DropTrax is a Slot Machine Container Management, Tracking, Inventory Control and Audit System. It is designed to help casinos significantly improve the management of the drop & count activities in their organization and improve the operational responsibilities of three distinct yet very inter-related user groups… the drop team on the floor; the count team in the count rooms; and the audit teams in accounting. DropTrax helps casinos better manage their drop & count activities by achieving:

  • Reduction of manual keying errors
  • Ability to put any box or bucket into any slot machine
  • Tracking boxes or buckets in & out of every slot machine; and
  • Reducing the time it takes to complete the overall drop & count.
DropTrax System v3.5 Comparison
Feature DROPTRAX "Smart" Cash Boxes Matching Boxes
Catch Errors before the Count Yes Yes No
24/7/365 Support Yes Yes No
Wireless Version - NO CORDS! Yes No No
Expensive Conversions of Slots No Yes No
RAID 1 Mirroring for Data Redundancy Yes No No
Remote Web App for Audit Yes Yes No
No Repair of Chips or Connectors on Costly Special BV Cans Yes No Yes

DropTraxThe DropTrax v3.5 – Soft Count Module is a stand-alone program. During the drop, the Drop Team uses barcode scanners to collect bar code data that identify the slot machine, the box coming out of the specific slot machine and the box being left in it. When the drop is completed, the team enters the Soft Count room and downloads this information off the wands into the DropTrax v3.5 stand-alone computer with dual-harddrives using RAID1 (Mirroring) for additional backup protection.. The DropTrax v3.5 database is updated and automatically prints key reports (BEFORE THE MONEY IS PULLED OUT OF THE BV BOXES) to indicate what was pulled during the drop, any missed machines or machines dropped outside the designated zones. When ready to count, the barcoded label on the outside of the BV container is scanned and the DropTrax v3.5 program matches the BV ID with the slot machine ID stored in the DropTrax v3.5 database. It then creates a barcode ticket or special header / trailer card to attach to money bundles being pulled out of each BV box. The tickets or special header / trailer cards identify, in both barcode symbology and human readable text, the ID of the slot machine the BV box was extracted from. The DropTrax v3.5 – Soft Count Module can also be configured for use with the table games count. The DropTrax v3.5 – Soft Count Module currently does not directly interface with currency counters or any Slot Accounting System.

DropTrax System v3.5 Features
New Features DROPTRAX
Database Size Increased to 4GB
Runs under .NET Framework
Wireless Version - NO CORDS!
Search function to find all instances of containers and machines throughout all drop downloads.
RAID 1 Mirroring for Data Redundancy
Point-and-click Zebra printer configuration settings through a new menu option. User Selectable print option…makes G&D approved “Header Cards” or Cummins-Allison approved “Control Documents” or Glory approved “thermal ticket slips”.
TITO ticket redemption cassette / container tracking
Enable customers to process and count TITO ticket redemption cassettes / containers like you now do with slot BV boxes
Duplicate bank location query to find conflicts in machine definitions.
Optional Machine Report by sorted on Bank Location.
New screens and reports for improved user experience

Printing Header or Trailer Cards:

Zebra ZM600G & D America, Inc. (“G&DAI”), Cummins-Allison (“Cummins”), and Glory currency counting machines require specialized “header or trailer cards” (i.e. “control cards”) to identify each batch of bundled bills + TITO tickets to be run through them to be counted. These “control cards” identify the slot machine each bundle of money/TITO tickets comes from, and act as dividers between bundle of money/TITO tickets that are stacked in batches on their high speed currency counting machines. Mpact, Inc. developed a solution that enables soft count teams to print “control cards” on-demand during the count to use one time (as a disposable consumable that does not require sorting after initial use) or to pre-print on-site control cards ahead of time that can be re-used as many as 10 times as a multi-use consumable.

In 2001, Mpact, Inc. upgraded the DropTrax Barcode Based Bill Validator ID and Inventory Control System to print out a “one-time-only” disposable control card from DropTrax that is configured to be read by the G&DAI, Cummins, and Glory currency counters.

Since the close of Mpact, Inc., C Lazy G has purchased all rights to DropTrax and LabelTrax. C Lazy G sells and supports DropTrax. For inquiries, please use the contact us page.