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ID Ticket / Header Card
Printing System for Currency Counting Machines

On-site Printing of Disposable “One-Time Use”
or “Re-usable” Control Cards
for Casino Currency Count Operations

LabelTrax™ is a cost-efficient barcode based I.D. system for casinos that allows you to print your own control cards “In-house” rather than constantly ordering them from an outside printer. You can use LabelTrax™ as a “Disposable, One-time Use Only” card, or sort & re-use multiple times. The more you re-use them, the lower your annual control card costs. A “Plug and Play” solution, LabelTrax™ is compatible with currency counters from, Glory, Cunmmins and G&D America Inc.. No need to buy new equipment or systems...LabelTrax™ can be added in your existing rooms. LabelTrax™ helps casinos:

  • During the Count, ID the slot machine the box came out of
  • Reduce manual keying errors in count rooms
  • Speed up the drop & count

Printing a Header Card

C Lazy G Enterprises offers LabelTrax sales and support. For more information on our LabelTrax software, use our contact page.

Thank you for your interest!